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In addition to our main layout, we also have a modular layout that is primarily used for our youth group.  

scenery diorama w/scratchbuilt building
Youth Group member Nick built his scenery diorama to include a scratchbuilt structure.

Meetings / Work Sessions
"getting on track"
Youth Group Coordinator Mark Hintz consults with member Jaden on getting a freight car on the track.
10th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
25th (Sunday) meeting @WCGD 2-5PM

7th WCGD Open House 10AM-6PM
14th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
21st meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
29th (Sunday) meeting @WCGD 2-5PM

4th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
11th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
18th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
26th (Sunday) meeting @WCGD 2-5PM

2nd WCGD Open House 10AM-6PM
9th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
16th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
24th (Sunday) meeting @WCGD 2-5PM

6th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
13th WCGD Open House 10AM-6PM
14th WCGD Open House 10AM-6PM
20th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
28th (Sunday) meeting @WCGD 2-5PM

4th WCGD Open House 10AM-6PM
11th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
11th WCGD Christmas Party 5pm
26th meeting @WCGD 2-5PM

yard rebuild
Youth Group member Trevor helps rebuild a yard module.

Membership in our youth group is open to boys and girls, age 8 through 17, with interest in model railroads and the ability to learn.  There are no club dues for youth group.  Parental supervision is required, and parental involvement is encouraged!

Youth Group Mission... to provide teaching and support for youth and parents for the advancement of their skills in the hobby of model railroading.

getting a new module ready
Youth Group member Reece and his mom paint the surface of his new module.