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WCGD also plays host to the modular layout of the Wisconsin Southeastern Division of the National Model Railroad Association (WISE Div. NMRA) Youth Group, also known as "Little WISE Guys and Gals".  

yard rebuild
Youth Group member Trevor helps rebuild a yard module.

Meetings / Work Sessions
scenery diorama w/scratchbuilt building
Youth Group member Nick built his scenery diorama to include a scratchbuilt structure.
13th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
28th (Sunday) meeting @WCGD 2-5PM

3rd WCGD Open House 10AM-7PM
10th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
17th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
25th (Sunday) meeting @WCGD 2-5PM

1st (Sunday) meeting @WCGD 2-5PM
7th WCGD Open House 10AM-7PM
13th / 14th / 15th Fall Harvest Days 9AM-5PM
21st WISE Div RPM @Four Points 5311 S. Howell Milwaukee 9AM-4PM
28th (Sunday) meeting @WCGD 2-5PM

5th WCGD Open House 10AM-7PM
12th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
19th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
27th (Sunday) meeting @WCGD 2-5PM

2nd meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
8th setup @Trainfest
9th / 10th Trainfest 9AM-5PM
16th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM

1st (Sunday) meeting @WCGD 2-5PM
7th WCGD Open House 10AM-7PM
14th meeting @WCGD 1-4PM
14th WCGD Christmas Party 5pm
29th meeting @WCGD 2-5PM

getting a new module ready
Youth Group member Reece and his mom paint the surface of his new module.

Membership in this free model railroad club is open to boys and girls, age 8 through 17, residing in the 7 counties represented by the Wisconsin Southeastern Division (Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, Washington, and Waukesha), with interest in model railroads and the ability to learn.  Membership is not dependent on membership in the NMRA or the Waukesha County Gandy Dancers.  Parental supervision is required, and parental involvement is encouraged!

Youth Group Mission... to provide teaching and support for youth and parents for the advancement of their skills in the hobby of model railroading.

WISE Meet winner
Youth Group member Sydney poses with the structure she built and entered in the contest at
the WISE Meet, for which she won first place.  Her rebuilt module still needs some scenery!